Hello and welcome to MonaGroup's official announcement

MonaGroupe is a network of future innovative and revolutionary company, with +10 innovative projects, and 100% French, 800,000 visits in a few months.

MonaGroupe is a project founded in 2020 by Philippe.M. We aim to create a whole network of innovative companies. Our project is first of all here to bring people together, animate on our platforms, and participate with our community. We are also a digital media that wants to bring together talents, artists, players, presenters, animators, and much more ...

Founded in 2020, "MonaGroupe" is the 100% media and 99.99% Innovator group. We are creating promotional content, with several projects. MonaGroupe is a French project specializing in media and internet innovation.

With MonaGroup's, it's Simple and Fast to become an official partner of MonaGroup's. It is also Simple and Fast to generate your accompanying documents. . .

Why choose MonaGroup's? We are above all the solution to help you and accompany you in the creation of your project, with our many collaborators, partners, creators, subsidiaries and projects, we are there to help you from A to Z

What is AllianceBee and Vallix? AllianceBee and Vallix is a future campus which will be founded by MonaGroup's, which will aim to group all of our subsidiaries and projects into one large campus covering several thousand m².

Currently, our organization has opened recruitments, so you can apply on our official discord:http://[https://discord.gg/eBwJPZ6](https://discord.gg/eBwJPZ6)Our website is still under development. Hello and welcome to MonaGroup's official announcement

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